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Bags and Cases Gear Guide:

Welcome to the Bags and Cases Gear Guide. Your camera bag or case provides the primary protection for your camera gear while storing it or traveling, so choosing the right bag or case for your camera gear is extremely important.

Bags and Cases Gear Guide

This page is continually updated as we add new articles, review new products, and update existing reviews based on our experience with them in the field. Items marked (New) or (Updated) have been added or updated in the last 30 days. Please check back often.



More Info:

A Note About Reviews

 Bags and Cases Gear Guide RSS Feed


4/28: VANGUARD Camera Bags Earn Prestigious TIPA Award: UP-Rise Series Named 2010 Best Photo Bag

2/21: VANGUARD introduces new photo-video accessories loaded with first-of-its-kind features

Vanguard UP-Rise 48 Camera Bag

This page will continue to be updated as we add new articles and reviews.

Latest DSLR's:

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Below is a current list of Gear Guides at While we try to make these as comprehensive as possible, they are a work-in-progress. Please check back often, as these are continually being updated and added too:

Tripods and Support Gear Guide

Tripods and Support

DSLR Gear Guide


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Flash Photography Gear Guide

Flash Photography

Studio Lighting Gear Guide

Studio Lighting

Panoramic Gear Guide


Bags and Cases Gear Guide

Bags and Cases

Please bookmark this page, more will be added soon.

Latest Lenses:

Below are the latest advertised prices - clicking links and 'add to cart' may reveal a lower price.

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Bags and Cases Gear Guide

Nikon D3100: $599.95
Canon T3 1100D: $595.00
Sony Cyber-shot H55: $199.00
More DSLRs...

Nikon 85mm: $489.95
Canon 70-200mm: $2,449.95
Sony 30mm: $199.00
More Lenses...

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