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• 6/22: Price Wars: Nikon D3x vs Canon EOS-1Ds Mark III
• 6/22: Price Wars: Nikon D3 vs Canon EOS-1D Mark III
• 6/22: Price Wars: Nikon D300 vs Canon EOS 50D
• 6/22: Price Wars: Sub $1,000 DSLR's with Video
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06/22/2009 - Price Wars: Nikon D3x vs Canon EOS-1Ds Mark III: The Nikon D3x and Canon EOS 1Ds Mark III represent the most expensive DSLR’s in Nikons and Canons respective line-ups. Both are aimed primarily at pro studio (and to some extent landscape) shooters who want higher resolution, but also want a lower cost/more flexible system than going to Medium Format.

The Nikon D3x is over a year newer than the Canon, has a higher megapixel sensor (24 megapixel vs. 21 megapixel), and has been described as the “best DSLR ever made” by numerous reviewers.

The Canon on the other hand has been plagued with Autofocus issues, and has lost sales recently to the newer Canon 5D Mark II, which offers the same resolution, better ISO performance and HD Video for the fraction of the cost (albeit in a consumer grade body).

Ultimately, assuming supply can meet demand, the street price the cameras can maintain are as good an indicator as any as to how well the camera is received by the general public.

View the full article to see how the prices of these two cameras compare over time. Read More about Price Wars: Nikon D3x vs Canon EOS-1Ds Mark III

06/22/2009 - Price Wars: Nikon D3 vs Canon EOS-1D Mark III: The Nikon D3 and Canon EOS 1D Mark III represent the professional photojournalist tools from Nikon and Canon.

The Nikon D3 is full frame, offering 9 frames per second, 12 megapixels, and an astonishing 25,600 ISO. The older 1D Mark III offers 10 megapixels in a smaller APS-H (1.3x crop) sensor, a faster 10 frames per second, but much more limited ISO capabilities maxing out at ISO 6,400.

The Nikon has thus far proved it’s bullet-proof reliability, and is widely considered the state-of-the-art photojournalist camera, while the Canon has been plagued with autofocus issues.

Professional reviewers aside, and assuming supply can meet demand, the street price the cameras can maintain are as good an indicator as any as to how well the camera is received by the general public - see the full article to see how the prices compare over time. Read More about Price Wars: Nikon D3 vs Canon EOS-1D Mark III

06/22/2009 - Price Wars: Nikon D300 vs Canon EOS 50D: The EOS 50D was Canons answer to the prosumer Nikon D300, designed to offer a higher resolution (15 megapixels versus 12 megapixels) and higher ISO (12,800 vs. 6,400) for $300 less than the Nikon.

The Nikon D300 has a superior AF system, weather-sealing, and several other features to justify the higher price, however real world tests showed the lower pixel density on the Nikon D300 often resulted in better ISO performance and generally cleaner images than the 50D, which can suffer from diffraction issues due to its much higher pixel density.

As such, and despite the Canon EOS 50D being the newer camera, its street price dropped faster than the older Nikons. 10 months after its announcement, the gap in street price between the two cameras has actually increased to over $400 from $300.

See the full article for the price history of both cameras. Read More about Price Wars: Nikon D300 vs Canon EOS 50D

06/22/2009 - Price Wars: Sub $1,000 DSLR's with Video: HD Video is the latest Must Have DSLR feature, and currently 3 DSLR’s from Nikon and Canon come with HD Video for under $1,000.

The Nikon D90 was the first to market, sporting 720p with an MSRP of $999.99. Several months later the Canon T1i with 1080p was announced for a MSRP of $799.99. Nikon followed with the Nikon D5000, sporting the same sensor/video mode as the Nikon D90 in a simpler body with an even lower MSRP of $729.99.

The chart in this article shows the price history of these three cameras, as street prices vary based on supply and demand. Read More about Price Wars: Sub $1,000 DSLR's with Video

02/25/2009 - $4k for a Underwater Camera Housing? Screw That.: Yesterday I was looking at the new underwater housing from Sea & Sea for the Nikon D700 and Canon 5D Mark II, until I saw the $4k price tag. $4k!! $4k could by one and a half Nikon D700's, although exactly what you'd do with the half a Nikon D700 I'm not sure.

Exactly 20 years ago, I was living in England, trying to complete my A-Levels. One of my A-Levels was in Design and Technology, and a third of the grade was based on a project, which you had about six months to research, design, build, test and present. You could build whatever you wanted.

My main interest at the time (other standard teenage boy interests aside) was Photography, so what could I build that would let me get pictures that I couldn't get now? My mind jumped to aerial photography and underwater photography. Being a poor, broke student, the RC gear needed to fit a SLR into a remote controlled plane was way, way beyond my non-existent budget, so underwater photography it was.

I reached the conclusion that an underwater housing was too boring. I wanted to build a remote submarine for a camera. To make it more interesting, my budget was about 25 quid (less than $50), plus whatever I could beg, borrow or steal from the school workshop or elsewhere.

Submarine for Cameras
It Floats!
Read More about $4k for a Underwater Camera Housing? Screw That.

02/05/2009 - Price Wars: Nikon D700 vs Canon EOS 5D Mark II vs Sony Alpha A900:

Three cameras from three manufacturers are currently competing in exactly the same space: the Nikon D700, Canon EOS 5D Mark II and Sony Alpha A900 are all full frame, under $3,000, and going head to head for market share in the prosumer market.

The Nikon offers amazing low light abilities, the best Autofocus and fastest frame rate of the group, and was first to market with an MSRP of $3,000. The Sony wins on resolution with double the megapixels of the Nikon, also at a $3,000 MSRP. The Canon almost matches the resolution of the Sony with its 21 megapixels, but ups the ante with full 1080p HD video and a 10% lower MSRP at $2,700.

Of course, for photographers already heavily invested in one of the manufacturers lens ranges or systems, they decision is easier. Photographers do sometimes switch, as Nikon saw when they lost many pros to Canon with the introduction on Auto Focus and Image Stabilization, and as Canon saw when the Nikon D3 came out and many pros went over to Nikon for high ISO ability and better autofocus.

However a surprising number of people are buying these as a their first digital cameras, upgrading from an entry level camera (with only crop lenses that wouldn’t work anyway), or getting back into photography after an absence. These consumers are not fully invested into a certain brand, and this is where the battle really lies.

No matter what price the camera is introduced at, eventually the laws of supply and demand kick in, and in general assuming all brands are available (enough supply to meet demand creating competition between retailers), the most sought after camera will eventually demand the highest price (if a manufacturers MSRP is higher than the market will bear, they can either accept dismal sales, or lower the price to compete. This is exactly what we have seen with the Nikon D700, with Nikon offering a $300 rebate to help move units, and street prices dropping up to 25% below MSRP within months of its launch).

In this article we chart the latest price histories of these three cameras, which over time should give one measure of how well these cameras are regarded by the people that really count: the photographers that actually buy them.

Below is a snapshot showing the price histories as of the date this article was first published. Click on the link to see the full article, which will automatically refresh daily, so it will always show the latest price data.

Price Wars: Nikon D700 vs Canon EOS 5D Mark II vs Sony Alpha A900

Price Wars: Nikon D700 vs Canon EOS 5D Mark II vs Sony Alpha A900

Read More about Price Wars: Nikon D700 vs Canon EOS 5D Mark II vs Sony Alpha A900

01/14/2009 - Recommended Photo Retailers:

Where is the best place to buy your Photo gear?

Looking at is always a good place to check any online retailer, and many users of this site have expressed their opinions by voting in our Rate the Retailer Section.

Where do we get our gear from? Read More about Recommended Photo Retailers

01/12/2009 - Legal Issues adding video to Pro DSLR's?:

Some people love having video in DSLR's, some hate the idea. With the recent announcements from the memory card makers about bigger and faster cards, they are certainly betting video is here to stay.

There are also many pro photojournalists who will embrace video, especially with the advent of YouTube, along with many traditional newspapers struggling with their print editions and focusing more on their websites. The ability to post a short video of a covered event or news item, natural disaster, riot or war-zone would be invaluable. Many sites are already publishing short videos made by their readers with cell phones, so having the ability for your photographer to also come back with some short HD video clips for your website is a huge advantage.

However there are other considerations, as pointed out in a post on today. The rumor is about the potential launch of a new pro Canon body in the near future. There are always rumors of new gear, however what makes this rumor potentially interesting, is the fact that a pro photographer bringing a DSLR with Video into a sporting event may have legal implications – the example cited in the post is that Canon is waiting to hear back from FIFA to see if allowing DSLR's with Video would infringe on the television rights and contracts with broadcasters before they can release the camera. Presumably FIFA isn't the only organization that may have issues in this regard; in fact this could apply to any pro sporting event.

If this is really an issue, this could have major implications for the next generation of DSLR's. Adding video to a Nikon D3 is clearly something an important segment of the market wants, but not if it means pro's can no longer use that camera at sporting events. Does this mean Nikon would have to release 2 cameras, a D3 without video and a D3v with video? Will major sporting events start banning pros with certain DSLR's? As lines between still and video cameras blur (Red is going the other way, adding still capture to their video cameras), it also means contracts relating to broadcast rights and image publishing rights will have to be rewritten or revised to address a new reality. It also has a major impact on the future pro DSLR line-ups from all the major manufacturers. Read More about Legal Issues adding video to Pro DSLR's?

01/01/2009 - Nikon Predictions for 2009:

Nikon always keeps it release schedule strictly confidential, but based on past experience, this article details our predictions for 2009.

Note the slow economy and declining sales could slow down Nikons release schedule, but they are also in a battle for market share with Canon, which puts pressure on them in the other direction (The 50D hasn't exactly set the world alight, but the 5D Mark II is getting an awful lot of attention).

Read on for our 2009 predictions for Nikon Pro, Prosumer and Consumer Bodies and Lenses. Read More about Nikon Predictions for 2009

01/01/2009 - 2008 DSLR Review:

2008 was an interesting year for DSLR's and photographers in general, even if you ignore the ultra-high end announcements from Leica, Hassleblad and Red. The three main players in the DSLR space (Nikon and Canon each with around 40% market share, and Sony with around 10%) all launched milestone cameras.

In this article we'll detail their hits (like the Nikon D90 and Canon 5D Mark II), and potential misses (Canon 50D and Nikon D3x). Read More about 2008 DSLR Review

01/01/2009 - The Nikon I want is made by Canon:

As anyone that follows this blog will know, several months ago I posted an entry entitled Where's my D700?. In that post, I outlined what I was looking for in an FX body, why the D700 didn't fit and why I believe it was overpriced, and why I'd be first in line for the D3x.

It's now over 4 months later, and things have changed. Most of my shooting is telephoto on a Nikon D300, I'm looking for a second body that would serve as a good backup (so pixel density is important), but would excel at Landscapes, as well as being put to occasional use for portrait/studio type work.

Several cameras have been released since then, including the Nikon D3x, Sony A900 and Canon 5D Mark II - all high resolution full frame bodies. Yet none of them being exactly what I need. Read More about The Nikon I want is made by Canon

12/16/2008 - Shooting the Moon:

A couple of days ago, around Midnight (and shortly after I'd gone to bed), She Who Must Be Obeyed rushes in, to tell me that tonight's full moon is the biggest and brightest it will be for several years to come, it's a really clear night, and she wants a picture of it. This is what happens if you marry someone that grew up watching the Clangers.

Here is the end result, although getting there wasn't nearly as easy as it should have been:

Full Moon

Read the full article for the shooting details and other relevant information. Read More about Shooting the Moon

11/16/2008 - The Best Reviewer is:: Just over a week ago, we posed the question "Who's the best Reviewer" and posted a rating page to allow our users to rate several well known online photography reviewers, giving them between and 1 and 5 stars each.

Much to our surprise, the rating page became by far the most visited page on our site, and over the past few days we've had hundreds of votes, we've added more reviewers at our users request, and had many thousands of visitors going straight to that page. As a result, we've expanded that page to allow people to leave a short review/comment for each Reviewer, and we've also expanded the rating section of our site with our new Rating Center.

As to the Results: Read More about The Best Reviewer is:

11/05/2008 - Who's the Best Reviewer?: Rate the Camera and Lens Reviewers - there are many people posting reviews of photography equipment, some are better than others. Please help us help point people in the right direction, by rating the reviewers! Read More about Who's the Best Reviewer?

11/04/2008 - Electronics Prices and the Yen:

Everyone is aware of the current financial mess, and this is going to have a major impact on the price of electronic goods, including DSLR's in the coming months. First of all, we'll look at the driving forces in the markets that will impact pricing, then at what we should expect in terms of price increases, and how manufacturers like Nikon and Canon may respond. Read More about Electronics Prices and the Yen

10/23/2008 - Avoiding Arrest & Your DSLR:

My 5 year old daughter came home from Kindergarten today with a letter from the school to all parents. Apparently a photographer was spotted by staff, with a tripod and camera, and when he observed school staff watching him, he promptly packed up his gear and left.

I am a huge proponent of Photographers rights. But I also care a tremendous amount about my children's safety. An increasingly paranoid public is treating as suspicious, and in some instances criminal, photographers who are pursuing their hobby or job without actually breaking any laws, often just because they have a large DSLR camera that looks out of place. Read More about Avoiding Arrest & Your DSLR

10/09/2008 - Nikon F Mount History: Nikon introduced its current interchangeable lens mount, called the Nikon F mount, in 1959 when it introduced the Nikon F Camera. The same mount, with some changes to support newer lens technology, is still in use today. This article details the evolution of the mount over the years, first as new mechanical metering methods came along with the Nikon AI lenses, then moving on to CPU lenses, autofocus and other electrical advances like VR. Read More about Nikon F Mount History

10/07/2008 - Nikon Lens Names & Acronyms Explained: One of Nikons current best selling lenses, is the AF-S DX VR Zoom-NIKKOR 18-200mm f3.5-5.6G IF-ED, perhaps not the easiest name to remember. However, the name does give a very good description of the lens. This section will outline what all those acronyms, and other terms found in lens names and descriptions, actually mean. Read More about Nikon Lens Names & Acronyms Explained

10/07/2008 - Nikon DSLR/Lens Compatibility: The table in this article outlines which lenses support which functions with which Nikon DSLR cameras. Please note, there are exceptions to this, for example certain fisheye lenses protrude too far into the camera body, and may damage the mirror/lens, lenses designed for the Nikon F3AF system may not work, certain reflex lenses may not physically fit and so forth. Please check the manual for both the camera and lens before trying to mount. Read More about Nikon DSLR/Lens Compatibility

10/01/2008 - Canon, Nikon & Sony Prosumer Full-Frame DSLR's: The full frame DSLR market is heating up: by the end of the year three major vendors, Nikon, Canon and Sony, will all have Full Frame ProSumer DSLR's in the market place, all at a similar price point. The Nikon D700 is available now. The Sony Alpha A900 should start shipping later this month. The Canon EOS 5D Mark II should start shipping next month. This article looks at how they compare, and which market segment each is aimed at.
Nikon D700 Canon EOS 5D Mark II Digital SLR Sony Alpha A900
Read More about Canon, Nikon & Sony Prosumer Full-Frame DSLR's

09/30/2008 - Past Trips, and the Travel Bug.: Growing up in England, some of my happiest childhood memories are of summer vacations: adventures to go visit relatives in Cornwall, school trips to France, a family holiday to Portugal and so forth. These trips are one of the prime reasons I was drawn to photography in the first place, to help capture memories. Read More about Past Trips, and the Travel Bug.

09/30/2008 - Summer 2008 Road Trip, Part 1: Part 1 of the Summer 2008 road trip, covering the first 1,500 miles, from Austin, TX to Yellowstone National Park, via the Rocky Mountain National Park. Read More about Summer 2008 Road Trip, Part 1

09/30/2008 - Summer 2008 Road Trip, Part 2: Part 2 of the Summer Road Trip 2008, covering Yellowstone, Cody, Grand Tetons and Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Read More about Summer 2008 Road Trip, Part 2

09/30/2008 - Summer 2008 Road Trip, Part 3: The final installment of the Summer 2008 Road Trip, from Yellowstone, down through Colorado to Mesa Verde National Park, then back to Austin, Tx. Read More about Summer 2008 Road Trip, Part 3

09/25/2008 - Nikon MB-D10 Battery Choice: Nikon's MB-D10 for the Nikon D300 & D700 gives you several options for powering your camera. Which option you select can have a significant effect on the performance of the camera, both in terms of battery life and the maximum frame rate you can shoot.
Nikon MB-D10
Read More about Nikon MB-D10 Battery Choice

09/24/2008 - Protecting Your Photos: Over the years we've had numerous hard drive failures, including two in laptops, numerous external and network drives fail, several desktop computers, and one in a server caused by a power surge from a squirrel rather spectacularly short circuiting some cables. We've also had a laptop stolen from a locked rental car trunk outside a restaurant. These things happen.

Cameras and lenses can be easily replaced, especially if they are insured. By taking some simple precautions, when these things do happen, you can go a long way to ensuring you don't lose your irreplaceable photos as well. Read More about Protecting Your Photos

09/22/2008 - Changing DSLR Marketplace, Site Updates: This site was originally set up to cover primarily Nikon equipment - however these are exciting times and the DSLR market is changing rapidly, so we've decided to make some changes to benefit our readers. Read More about Changing DSLR Marketplace, Site Updates

09/10/2008 - Choosing Memory Cards: You've spent a small fortune on your camera and lenses, and you've just taken the picture of a lifetime, or you are on a trip that you won't be repeating any time soon. This article was written to help ensure you have the memory cards and equipment with you to capture those images, get those images safely back home, and keep them there. Read More about Choosing Memory Cards

08/20/2008 - DLSR Glossary: DSLR Glossary added A glossary and explanation of photographic terms, ranging from the common to the more obscure terms like Chimping and NAS (Nikon Acquisition Syndrome). Read More about DLSR Glossary

08/11/2008 - Where's my D700?: So, where is my Nikon D700? So why haven’t I bought a Nikon D700 yet? Back in December 2007 when my Nikon D300 arrived, I speculated that a “D300 FX” – basically a Nikon D300 that used the Nikon D3’s sensor but was compatible with the same batteries and Nikon MB-D10, at a much more reasonable price than the D3, would be the perfect compliment to my new camera. And this is basically what we have with the D700. So why haven’t I bought a Nikon D700 yet? Read More about Where's my D700?

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