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06th Feb 2009

Nikon Listens to Ken Rockwell: Nikon D400 uses Film!

Exclusive: We have just learned that Nikon is about to drop a Bombshell.

For months now, Nikon has apparently been following Ken Rockwell’s “Digital is Dying” posts, and has decided that he may actually be onto something.

Rumors about the Nikon D400 have been circulating like crazy for the past few weeks, with an announcement expected as soon as PMA in March: We’ve been tracking them in our Nikon D400 Rumors section. However no-one has predicted this.

Our sources have revealed that the Nikon D400 will not have HD Video. It will not have a higher megapixel sensor. The LCD screen is gone. No more electronics to fail. No more cables. No more batteries. No more chargers. In this exclusive we can reveal that the new Nikon D400 will be a film camera, and will come standard with a new f1.2 prime lens.

Here is a picture of the new Nikon D400 leaked to us:

Please note this camera is yet to be announced, so it is possible Nikon may change the specs prior to launch.

2 Responses to “Nikon Listens to Ken Rockwell: Nikon D400 uses Film!”

  1. Nikon Listens to Ken Rockwell: Nikon D400 uses Film! - Denton Images | Photo News Today Says:

    [...] Source and Read More: [...]

  2. Justin Rosenberg Says:

    Ha!! Even comes w/ a DX lens!!

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