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10th Feb 2009

More Canon 5D Mark II Failures.

As I wrote a at the beginning of the year, I was torn between getting the Nikon D700 and the Canon 5D Mark II. The Canon was a much better fit for my needs, the only problem being my large set of Nikon lenses, so I ended up with the D700: A camera which I’ve been quite impressed with so far.

With all the recent reports of Canon 5D Mark II failures, going with the Nikon D700 is looking like a better decision all the time. My cameras will be taken out into the wet and cold, and they will be required to work in very low light (like a last week 70 foot underground in a pitch black cave at about 100% humidity). Wow is the SB-800 bright in those conditions.

We first picked up on some Canon 5D Mark II failures from Michael Reichmann’s Antarctic trip (Six out of 26 5D Mark II’s failed, including their loaner from Canon). Now today we are seeing Ron Purdy ( return his second 5D Mark II and give up on the camera completely, citing AF issues and concerns about it’s ability to stand up to moisture/humidity.

A quick search of just about any major photography forum will reveal a bunch of 5D Mark II failures being reported, mostly due to damp or humidity, along with a few AF issues.

This is unfortunate, the Canon 5D Mark II has the makings of a legend, one of those cameras that changed the face of the industry with its combination of high resolution and video capabilities at exactly the right price point. But Canon need to figure out how to get the thing to work reliably first.

2 Responses to “More Canon 5D Mark II Failures.”

  1. admin Says:

    We’ve just added a 5D Mark II Problems/Updates item to our Rumors section, so we can track further problems and any responses from Canon.

  2. A Story podcast | Planet5D Blog Says:

    [...] PeterP • Rumor: 24/25p on the way? Northlight images posts a rumor of firmware changes coming • Denton images provides coverage of the “problems” with the canons from the luminous landscape antarctic trip.Video • “american | disciples, [...]

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