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02nd Mar 2009

Could the Nikon D5000 be a Hybrid?

The Nikon D40 has been discontinued (according to Nikon Japans website) as of last week. Today Samsung announced their NX series of Hybrid cameras (Aiming to bridge the gap between DSLR’s and Point and Shoot cameras, with DSLR performance and image quality combined with P&S portability and convenience). Samsung also made a bold claim: “We estimate that the hybrid digital camera market will be over 20% of the global digital still camera market by 2012″.

Now throw in the speculation about the Nikon D5000, especially around the naming convention (very close to P5000, P6000 etc, but with the D moniker instead implying DSLR).

What if all the manufacturers are looking at the same data? 20% of the global digital still camera market is more than enough to make you sit up and pay attention. So what if the D5000, assuming real, is actually Nikons first “Hybrid”? With an APS sized sensor, possibly out of the D90, in a more compact body (but without a mirror/viewfinder)? Would it have a superzoom?, or being a “D” camera would it be able to use the current Nikon DSLR lenses perhaps?

This is pure speculation (as is just about everything else about the alleged D5000 right now), but an interesting possibility in light of recent news… if the “Hybrid” market materializes as Samsung expects, one thing that is certain is the big players will all respond hard and fast.

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