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Canon EOS 5D Overview:

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More on the Canon EOS 5D:

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In This Article:

   The Canon EOS 5D
   Canon EOS 5D Resources
   Latest Canon EOS 5D Pricing
   Canon EOS 5D Kits/Options
   Canon EOS 5D Specification

DSLR Rating:

Rating: 4/5, Votes: 1
Rating: 4/5, Votes: 1
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The Canon EOS 5D:

Canon EOS 5D

Announced in August 2005, the Canon EOS 5D became the first full frame DSLR aimed at consumers and prosumers. Up until this point all Full Frame models came in pro bodies with integrated grips, and at the time Canons other full frame model cost twice the Canon EOS 5D's $3000 price point.

The combination of the large sensor and relatively low 12.7 megapixels, meant the 5D had excellent low light/high ISO capabilities, which weren't challenged at this price point until the arrival of the Nikon D700 3 years later.

The replacement for the Canon EOS 5D, called the Canon EOS 5D Mark II, was announced in September 2008 and should ship by the end of the year.

Scroll down for the full Canon EOS 5D Specifications.

Canon EOS 5D
Canon EOS 5D

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Canon EOS 5D Resources:

Useful Links:

   User Ratings/Reviews
   Price History
   Rate DSLR's
   Compare DSLR's

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Latest Canon EOS 5D Pricing:

See Price History for the Canon EOS 5D

Canon EOS 5D Kits/Options:

The Canon EOS 5D is also available in the following kits/with the following options:

Canon EOS 5D Specifications:

Manufacturer: Canon
Model: EOS 5D
MSRP: $2,499.99
Amazon Price:
Date Announced: 2005-08-22
Sensor Format, Size: Full Frame
35.8mm x 23.9mm
Sensor Type: CMOS
Automatic Sensor Cleaner: No
Total Pixels: 13.3 million
Effective Pixels: 12.8 million
Image Area (pixels): Large: 4,368 x 2,912
Medium: 3,168 x 2,112
Small: 2,496 x 1,664
Max. Frames Per Second: 3 frames per second
Video Mode: None
LCD: 2.5 in. TFT color liquid-crystal monitor, 230,000 Dots, Brightness Adjustment: 5 levels
Shutter Type: Vertical-travel, mechanical, focal-plane shutter with all speeds electronically-controlled
Shutter Speeds: 1/8000 to 30 sec. (1/3 stop increments)
ISO Range: Base ISO 100-1,600 in steps of 1/3 EV
Extended ISO 50-3,200
Storage Media: CompactFlash (CF) Card Type I and II
UDMA Support: No
Storage System: JPEG, RAW and RAW+JPEG simultaneous recording provided. Backup image recording enabled (Same image recordable on CF card standards)
Exposure Modes: Program AE (Shiftable), Shutter speed-priority AE, Aperture-priority AE, Full Auto, E-TTL II autoflash program AE, Manual exposure
Metering System: Max. aperture TTL metering with 35-zone SPC
(1) Evaluative metering (link to all AF points)
(2) Partial metering (approx. 8% of viewfinder)
(3) Spot metering (approx. 3.5% of viewfinder)
(4) Center-weighted average metering
Metering Range: EV 1-20 (at 68F/20C with 50mm f/1.4 lens, ISO 100)
Exposure Compensation: Yes
Exposure Lock: Auto: Applied in One-Shot AF mode with evaluative metering when focus is achieved
Manual: By AE lock button
Exposure Bracketing: "Yes, +/-2 stops in 1/2- or 1/3-stop increments
Shutter Release Modes: Single, Continuous (approx. 3 fps), Self-timer
White Balance: Auto, Preset (Daylight, Shade, Cloudy/Twilight/Sunset, Tungsten Light, White Fluorescent Light, Flash), Manual (Custom, Color Temperature)
White Balance Bracketing: Yes, +/-3 stops in full-stop increments
White Balance Fine Tuning: Yes
Live View: No
Playback Functions: Single image, 9-image index, Magnified zoom (approx. 1.5x to 10x), Auto play, Auto play right after shooting, Rotated, Jump
Interface: Hi-Speed USB (Print/PTP/PC connect, selectable)
Video output (NTSC/PAL)
Lens Mount: Canon EF mount
Compatible Lenses: Canon EF lenses (except EF-S lenses)
Picture Angle: Full Frame - equivalent to angle produced by lens focal length
Buy From: Amazon
Viewfinder: Eye-level SLR with fixed pentaprism
Approx. 96% Coverage
Approx. 0.71 Magnification
20mm Eyepoint
Reflex Mirror: Quick-return half mirror
Focusing Screen: Standard focusing screen: Ee-A
Depth-of-field Control: Yes
Autofocus System: TTL-CT-SIR AF-dedicated CMOS Sensor
9 AF points (plus 6 invisible Supplemental AF points)
Metering Range: EV -0.5-18 (at ISO 100 at 20C/68F)
Maximum Autofocus Areas/Points: 15
Focus Modes: Autofocus, (One-Shot AF, Predictive AI Servo AF, AI Focus AF (automatic switching between One-Shot/Predictive AI Servo AF)), Manual Focus (MF)
Picture Control: Standard, Portrait, Landscape, Neutral, Faithful, Monochrome, User Defined 1, 2, 3
Built-in Flash: No
External Flash Shoe: Yes
Dust-Off Reference Photo: No
Virtual Horizon Camera Indicator: No
Nikon Creative Lighting System Compatibility: N/A
Flash Sync Speed: 1/200
X-Sync Speed: 1/200
Flash Control: E-TTL II autoflash with EX-series Speedlite. Compensation: +/-2 stops in 1/3- or 1/2-stop increments
Flash Sync Terminal: Yes
Accessory Shoe: Yes
Self-timer: 10 sec. delay
Batteries: One Battery Pack BP-511A/BP-514/BP-511/BP-512
Battery Charger: CG-580
Voice Memo Function: No
Battery Life: Approx 800 (BP-511A, CIPA)
Approx. Dimensions: 6.0 in. x 4.4 in. x 3.0 in.
(152mm x 113mm x 75mm)
Approx. Weight: 28.6 oz.
Supplied Software: EOS Digital Solution Disk
Supplied Accessories: EOS 5D Body
Eyecup Eb
Wide Neck Strap EW-100 DGR
Video Cable VC-100
USB Interface Cable IFC-400PCU
Battery Pack BP-511A
Battery Charger CG-580
EOS Digital Solution Disc
Software Instruction Manual
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