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Site Updated: 2/11/09
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News: Effectively Ends Free Membership

Posted 1/10/09 by

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Today, the vastly popular Nikon focused non-profit, effectively put an end to its free membership to its site after eight and a half years. Best known for its forums, Nikonians also offers podcasts, articles, eZine, Newsletters and Galleries. From January 12th 2009 onwards, Basic membership will only last for 25 days, at which time users will have to pay for Silver membership ($25 per year, although that is reduced to $20 through January 26th with voucher code SjB-20091u). boasts 152,000 members, but according to the post on their site (here), only 6% of members currently pay for membership, which covers about 13% of their annual costs. Based on those numbers and the membership costs, which start at $25 annually, that puts their annual costs at somewhere in the region of $2 million per year.

With a host of other free forum sites out there, combined with challenging economic conditions around the globe, it remains to be seen how effective this strategy will be: is an excellent site with a fantastic reputation, and a lot of great contributing members in the forums. We'd hate to see them lose their position as the leading Nikon community site on the Internet.

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Mark C.
10 Jan 2009, 09:12
Guess their hosting costs will drop significantly when users leave in droves...
10 Jan 2009, 10:27
it's just bs.
basic level users didn't get a gallery or upload space so they cost nothing as traffic.
but there's a large number of nikon forums, there's no problem.
Nikon D300 Guy
10 Jan 2009, 10:32
Won't losing a big chunk of membership kill their advertising revenue? Won't their current advertisers complain because tehy aren't reaching as many people?
10 Jan 2009, 10:44
Nikonians RIP... I'll give then 6 months. How on earth are their costs that high?
10 Jan 2009, 10:48
Just because they are a not-for-profit, it doesn't mean the founders aren't pulling down huge salaries... they may not be, but they don't disclose financials.

If they are really running at $2m/year, they need to seriously look at their business model/cost structure.
John c
12 Jan 2009, 17:52
No loss here. Strongly prefer the Nikon Cafe to Nikonians! Prefer to donate to the Cafe than be charged by Nikonians, especially since Nikonians is also supported by vendors such as Markins.

13 Jan 2009, 20:15
we think that the Forum are really helpfull but how do they produce cost of 2 Million USD a Year? we have 1.5 Million images on our servers and they operate at a fraction of these costs, - but we are not hosted, we got our own fileservers online.
Anyhow they should have another thought on their strategy.

05 Feb 2009, 10:03
Dissapointed to see this happen, and it's a horrible business decision. 90% of the value is in their community, who do it completely unpaid. Now they want to charge for access to collective knowledge sharing. I'll take my participation elsewhere.
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