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Leica Fixed Lens Camera Reviews:

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Leica Cameras:





Low Price

Mp ISO f.p.s. Video User Pro (Top 4) All
Leica X1 Leica X1 Rating 12.2 Mp 3,200 3 No Add DPR, LL All AMZ B&H N/A H
Leica D-LUX 4 Safari Edition Leica D-LUX 4 Safari Edition Rating 10.1 Mp 3,200 2.5 720p Add All AMZ B&H N/A H
Leica D-LUX 4 Leica D-LUX 4 Rating 10.1 Mp 3,200 2.5 720p Add All AMZ B&H $799.00 H
Leica C-LUX 3 Leica C-LUX 3 Rating 10.1 Mp 3,200 2.5 720p Add All AMZ B&H $799.99 H



Rating is based on user votes. Click the graphic to add your vote.

Specs come from our Overview Page (MP = Megapixels, ISO = Max ISO setting, f.p.s. = Max Frames Per Second, Video = Video Mode, if available).

Reviews shows the number of User reviews, links to the Top Pro reviews, and a link to our review summary page (click 'All').

Low Price shows the best current prices from Pricegrabber. Clicking AMZ takes you to the product on the Amazon website. Clicking B&H takes you to the product on the B&H website. Clicking 'H' shows price history.

DI =
TH = Thom Hogan
PCR = PhotoCrati
PZ = Photozone
BR = Bjørn Rørslett
PR =
DCR = DC Resource
MP = Moose Peterson
PP = PopPhoto
LL = Luminous Landscape
IR = Imaging Resource
FM = Fred Miranda
DC = Digital Camera Review
BA = Bob Atkins
PBy =
RG = Rob Galbraith DPI
TDP = The Digital Picture
KR = Ken Rockwell
PBl =
Reviews are shown highest rated first. If you disagree with the order, then Rate the Reviewer

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Nikon D3000: $487.00
Canon T2i 550D: $799.99
Sony A550: $899.00
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Nikon 85mm: $476.00
Canon 18-135mm: $344.00
Sony 30mm: $174.99
More Lenses...

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