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Nikon D90s Rumor: D90 Replacement Called D8000

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Rumor: D90 Replacement Called D8000:

NR suggests the D90 replacement could be imminent and called the D8000.

If true, this would represent a significant change from Nikon's recent naming conventions: In recent years the higher end models in any part of Nikon range have always began with a '7' for the first camera (the advanced consumer range started with the D70, the FX prosumer range with the D700) - for that reason we'd expect that should Nikon go to the DXXXX naming format, then the name would be D7000, not D8000.

The post also goes on to say the D90 replacement will be 16-18 Mp and a D4000 (D3000 replacement) will be 14-18 Mp. Again, this would go against Nikon's 'Introduce a sensor in a higher end body and trickle down' pattern of recent years.

Our thoughts: (1) A D4000 (D3000 replacement) will most likely be the last camera to use a derivative of the 12 Mp sensor currently found in the D3000 - a D4000 with a sensor that is better spec'd than the D5000 doesn't make sense. (2) The big question is does Nikon introduce a new higher resolution sensor with the D90 replacement (in which case we'd expect a new camera name, probably D7000. And if so, what does this mean for a D400 next year)? Or does it boost video and add a few minor changes and call it the D90s? (i.e. do what they did with the D300s). Given economic conditions, the D90s is the conservative route for Nikon to take, but if they are feeling pressure from Canon's recent offerings, then the D7000 with new sensor may make more sense. If the main pressure they are feeling is on the video front, then full HD may be achievable in the current 12 Mp chip, which again may favor the D90s route.

Source: NR on 6/2/2010.

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Rating: 2.82/5
Votes: 11

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5 StarsComment By: David Johnson
Comment Date: 6/6/10

I think the Denton Images website's idea on the D90 replacement being the Nikon D7000 would be better, Nikon Rumors seems to believe D8000 which to me would seem odd, but it is a huge % of Nikon sales compared to the high prices D3s and D3x.

Comment By: Richard
Comment Date: 6/3/10

Based upon what Nikon have done of late, one would expect to be disappointed.

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