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Site Updated: 2/7/09
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Nikon Lenses Rumor: Two New Primes

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Rumor: Two New Primes:

When asked if he'd heard anything about a new 70-200 f2.8 on a DPreview thread, the well respected Thom Hogan replied no, but offered two pieces of information:

1) "Only things I've heard about in various stages of development at the moment are two primes, one wide, one tele, and probably not the ones you're expecting." - the most anticipated right now is the 85mm f1.4 AF-S and a fast 35mm AF-S, so probably not them.

2) "There has to be more--one would expect Nikon to announce between 5 and 7 lenses this year--but I haven't heard any other rumblings at the moment." - this is speculation, not a rumor. Given the revised profit/sales forecasts issued yesterday (Feb 5th) and the resulting scaling back of investment/expenditure, it's possible Nikon may scale back lens releases and focus only on lenses they expect to be strong sellers, or are critical to fill in gaps in their lineup (like some new studio primes to support the D3x).

Source: Thom Hogan on DPReview on 2/5/2009.

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