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Site Updated: 2/15/09
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Rumor: New Sony Alpha DSLRs

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We'll post generic rumors here about upcoming Sony Alpha DSLR's - once the rumors get specific, we'll spin it off in its own rumor thread, like we have done already with the Sony A800 Rumors.

Below are a list of rumors regarding the New Sony Alpha DSLRs, newest first. Please rate how credible you believe these to be, and feel free to add your own comments/thoughts. If you have any more information, please email us at or click Rumors Wanted. We'll continue to add new rumors to this page as we come across them.

After voting, please refresh the page to see the updated results.


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Sony Says Summer Release

Date: 2/10/2009
Source: PDN

Rating: 4.5/5, Votes: 2

According to PDN, there will be no Sony Alpha released prior to, or during PMA. From PDN:

A spokesperson for Sony said today that the company will not have any "Alpha" DSLR announcements prior to or during the PMA show in Las Vegas in early March.

The spokesperson, Linda Barger who handles Sony's digital cameras and accessories, told PDN that the company will concentrate on new consumer point-and-shoot models and camera accessories at PMA, some of which will be pro-oriented.

According to Barger, Sony would be "following up with digital SLRs," this summer.

Source: PDN on 2/10/2009.

For detailed ratings and comments, click here.


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May 2009

Date: 2/10/2009
Source: Forum Posting

Rating: 3.5/5, Votes: 2

According to a posting on the forums:

"Come this May 2009, Sony will be replacing the whole a200, 300 and 350 series. Mostly on firmware tweaking and processor engine. Do not be suprise that their entry level will use the A900 engine in their entry DSLR. And there is also a possibility that this entry level range DSLR will shoot in 12bit or even 14 bit..."

Source: Forum Posting on 2/10/2009.

For detailed ratings and comments, click here.


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