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Site Updated: 12/13/09
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Rumor: Nikon D7000

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Rumors and speculation regarding the Nikon D7000, a possible name for the Nikon D90 replacement.

Below are a list of rumors regarding the Nikon D7000, newest first. Please rate how credible you believe these to be, and feel free to add your own comments/thoughts. If you have any more information, please email us at or click Rumors Wanted. We'll continue to add new rumors to this page as we come across them.

After voting, please refresh the page to see the updated results.



Rumor Description:


Thom Hogan says maybe 2010

Date: 12/4/2009
Source: Thom Hogan

Rating: 3/5, Votes: 2

Thom Hogan has released his 2010 predictions (see source link below), and is predicting a D90 Redux, although he expects it to be called the D8000 instead of D90s.

He expects a different sensor, different AF, and improved video.

Our take: Yes the D90 hits 2 years old in 2010, so a redux is due. If Nikon introduce a new sensor we'd expect it to be the D7000 not D8000 (since Nikon likes to bring in the "upper end" models starting with 7 - i.e. the advance consumer bodies went D70->D70s->D80->D90, and the pro-sumer FX bodies started at D700).

However Nikon has been heavily reusing sensors to help control costs (think D200->D80->D40x->D60->D3000 all with derivatives of the same sensor, and so far the D300 sensor has been seen in the D300->D90->D5000->D300s). Given the D90's massive success, we still believe it more likely to see an iterated D90s rather than a new body/sensor (either D7000 or D8000).

Source: Thom Hogan on 12/4/2009.

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Thom Hogan Prediction

Date: 7/14/2009
Source: Thom Hogan

Rating: 4/5, Votes: 5, Comments: 2

After the recent and likely fictional Nikon Roadmap Leak (see Nikon Roadmap in our forums for the full translation), Thom Hogan has put together his speculated "Possible Nikon Roadmap".

Note Thom does have good sources, and a pretty good track record when it comes to predicting Nikon products, so his version of the roadmap is probably best described as "educated speculation".

Thom speculates mid 2010 for the Nikon D7000 release, to replace the Nikon D90. He expects:

It's probable that a new DX sensor is ready in this time frame, and thus I'd suspect a D7000 to initiate Nikon's use of it. Whether that's 14mp or 15mp (or even a new Nikon 12mp) is actually a rather uninteresting question, as none of those choices really up the ante in terms of image quality. More likely changes would be 1080i video support, a tilt-screen, and changes to Live View and video autofocus.

His full roadmap with a lot more background info and explanation can be found by clicking the source link below.

Source: Thom Hogan on 7/14/2009.

To see the current voting/comments on this rumor, and to add your comment, click here.


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Total Votes: 7
Total Comments: 2

Please cast your votes above, and feel free to leave a comment at the bottom of the page.

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