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Rumor: Nikon D7100

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The Nikon D3100 replaced the Nikon D3000. Unless there is a major shift in naming conventions, there is a good chance the D7000 replacement will be called the D7100, and if Nikon stick to the 2 year release cycle, it will possibly be in 2012. We'll track any rumors we find here as they emerge.

Below are a list of rumors regarding the Nikon D7100, newest first. Please rate how credible you believe these to be, and feel free to add your own comments/thoughts. If you have any more information, please email us at or click Rumors Wanted. We'll continue to add new rumors to this page as we come across them.

After voting, please refresh the page to see the updated results.



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Please cast your votes above, and feel free to leave a comment at the bottom of the page.

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Nikon D7100 Latest Rumors at

Nikon D3100: $596.95
Canon T3 1100D: $595.00
Sony Cyber-shot H55: $174.99
More DSLRs...

Nikon 85mm: $489.95
Canon 70-200mm: $2,449.95
Sony 30mm: $199.00
More Lenses...

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